Having grown up, and still a resident of the charming town of Oconomowoc in the middle of Lake Country, my heart beats with a love for all things Wisconsin. From the breathtaking natural beauty to the rich cultural heritage, I am proud to call this state my home. I am also a proud wife and devoted mother. In my free time, you'll often find me surrounded by laughter, cherishing moments with friends and family all while embarking on adventurous camping trips, attending concerts, or exploring local breweries. I believe in the power of creating memorable experiences with loved ones.


Creating memorable experiences is also something I strive for in my career. My journey in the professional world began in the realm of customer service, where I honed my skills in understanding and meeting clients' needs. Recognizing the importance of adaptability, I pivoted into the insurance industry, eager to provide reliable guidance and support to clients. My core focus is always on the clients themselves. I am dedicated to ensuring that every client feels heard, understood, and well taken care of. By building strong relationships and offering personalized solutions, I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those I serve.  I am beyond proud to join the MKE Benefits team!

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Nicole Bock

Account Manager

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