My story begins in the city I grew up in, Omaha, Nebraska, where I earned a double BA in both Sustainability and Economics at Creighton University. In college, I began my professional life by helping to create a campus wide Sustainability Plan where I learned valuable skills in auditing and reporting. That experience enabled me to focus my career on working for organizations that actually care about positively impacting the community. In my current role as an Account Manager, I bring the same approach– to use my gifts, experiences and abilities to leave a positive impact on the many different people that we interact with every single day.


I currently spend much of my free time with my black labrador retriever, Charlie. In 2019, I quickly realized that Charlie is more than just a dog; he’s my best friend that always has a good idea for our next adventure. Beyond our bonding time and outdoor hikes, I like to develop my hobbies for finding new music and experimenting with new and old recipes in the kitchen. As I continue to integrate into the Milwaukee area, I want to become more active in volunteering in the community so that I can give time back to the city and its people that have welcomed me with open arms.

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Sam Tighe

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